Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • Payment: Cash or Check accepted for payment
  • Goodness of Fit: I offer free, 15-20 minute phone consultations so that we can assess whether we might be a good fit before scheduling a session.
  • Session length: 45 minutes

How is working with you different from talking to a friend?

While the advice and support of friends and family can be very meaningful, difficulties may arise from relying solely on one’s personal relationships for emotional and/or psychological support. Potential problems may arise such as:

  • Our friends and family know us personally, and – as a result – may: have difficulty being direct or honest about their opinions, struggle with separating their own feelings from our personal situation, and the people closest to us in our lives cannot be totally objective about their perspectives.
  • Our friends and family are not trained mental health professionals, and even if they are they can’t offer the same kind of objective care that a neutral, third party can.
  • Working with a trained professional is a private and confidential experience, which tends to increase a person’s willingness to share openly and honestly about their life. Being able to fully express your thoughts and feelings in therapy can pave the way for healing, symptom relief, and positive change.

Confidentiality & Privacy Policy

The law protects the relationship between a client and a psychologist, and information will not be disclosed without written permission. What is shared with me in the context of both individual and group therapy is completely confidential. As a mandated reporter, however, I am required by New York State and US federal laws to notify the appropriate authorities if:

  1. I believe that you have serious plans to kill or physically harm another person who can be identified.
  2. I believe that you have serious plans to take action in ending your own life.
  3. I am told about abuse towards a child or an elder, either in your care or in the care of someone else.