For Teens

Why would I talk to a psychologist?

Psychologists can:

  • listen to you non-judgmentally
  • provide a private and safe space to share your thoughts freely
  • help you understand your feelings and problems
  • teach you skills to deal with your concerns and to improve your daily life

How can therapy help me?

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to our closest friends and family about certain issues or problems that effect us the most. It can be helpful to have someone to talk to, someone who can listen, try to understand, and provide an outside perspective. Therapy is a private meeting for you and I, set aside every week, for about 45 minutes. During our sessions, you can talk about anything you’d like. Some possible issues you might like to discuss include: friends, school, family, relationships, self-esteem, social skills, planning for your future.

Do I need to involve my parents?

The short answer is yes and no.

We will most likely have to involve your parents or a parent in therapy because we need their permission if you are under 18, in most cases, for you to talk with me. I explain to all parents, however, that in order for therapy to be most helpful for teens- it is important that parents respect that issues discussed in therapy are confidential- with a few exceptions.

As a psychologist, I am obligated by law to tell your parents, if you are somehow in danger or endangering other people. In addition, most parents would like some kind of update about your progress in therapy and will probably want to talk to me about how things are going. At the beginning of our therapy meetings, you and I would decide, along with your parents, about what kinds of things you are comfortable filling them in on.